Ashes #2

June 21, 2017

Hi and happy new year to all!

We hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and are fully charged for this fantastic new 2017, full of exciting novelties.

First of all, this year the first part of Nova Aetas will be delivered.

This event will lay the groundwork for our company and the feedback we receive will help us to evaluate whether or not we’re on the right track for our future projects. Shortly afterwards, we’ll be launching our new project, Sine Tempore, which should carry us through to the end of the year and hopefully allow us to increase our staff.

Thanks to the great work accomplished thus far, we are currently receiving a lot of positive feedback from a number of different companies, many of which are asking us to support their projects, often leaving us swamped with things to do!

Two of these collaborations may well lead to the birth of another two games... but that’s a whole other story. It’s time to introduce the content of the second issue of Ashes:

  • How I did it! - we will discuss the early steps of the Nova Aetas design, revealing the behind the scenes of various choices, or how a game accessory comes to be
  • Fernando Armentano - Our in-house sculptor, the guy behind the creation or review of all Ludus Magnus Model (LMM) miniatures
  • Sine Tempore - some news about our upcoming game.
  • My arm at your service! - promo Nova Aetas mission, which introduces a third hero, the Novice, and the rules on how to use the zodiac signs during the game..

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