About us

Ludus Magnus Studio

Imperial Rome “Ludus Magnus” was the gym where gladiators who would participate in the games in the near Flavian Amphitheatre usually trained. We'd like to think that Ludus Magnus Studio will be place where ideas will shape to entertain fans around the world.

An independent studio that has set two goals: succeed on the gaming community and help the ambitious players to create their game.

3D Sculpt

The 3D designers at Ludus Magnus studio are the best in their field. We use the best software to produce 3D sculpts of every kind, in different scales. We have produced countless miniatures, ranging from a small Spriggan, to a large Golem. Our team is able to bring your 2D concept to life, transforming it into a highly detailed three-dimensional computer model. But it doesn’t end there; we can also prepare your 3D design model for print and mass production. Our designer team knows not only where to prepare your product, but also how to ensure your model is exactly the way you want it, ready for printing. We are able to differentiate sculptures for the production of resin or PVC miniatures.

Game Design

Do you have a game in mind, but don't know how to bring it to life? Do you have a winning idea, but not the right context in which to express it? Ludus Magnus Studio offers you the possibility to develop your projects thanks to a collaboration with different Game Designers. Thanks to our experience, we can demonstrate the level of feasibility of a project and provide an overview of the cost of the finished product. If you want your dream to come true, contact us.

Concept Art Design

Ludus Magnus Studio offers the possibility to benefit from the services of our talented artists for the development of concepts and to work on complete illustrations.
We have a large team of concept designers allowing us to work on different genres, from photorealism to manga. We can provide a conceptualisation service for entire settings for board games, starting from the concept of characters to the development of tokens and all game components; cards, game boards and hero sheets will no longer be a problem.

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