Nova Aetas Corebox


Nova Aetas is a tabletop miniatures wargame set in an alternative Renaissance world. Inspired by classic Japanese tactical RPGs such as 'Final Fantasy Tactics' and 'Tactics Ogre', in Nova Aetas you will battle enemies controlled by a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence. With every challenge you will be presented with meaningful choices that will change the course of game events. Nova Aetas will captivate you with its high detailed miniatures and its high quality components.

Download Nova Aetas Rulebook

The box contains: 1 Plotbook (23 Mission in main quest), 34 miniatures (38mm) (1 Hero Apprentice, 1 Hero Novice, 1 Hero Scum, 1 Hero Squire , 1 Jiles, 4 Papal guard, 5 Swiss guard, 2 Faun musician, 3 Centaur archer, 5 Faun warrior, 1 Adoladi, 1 Gipsy, 3 Crossbowman, 5 Stratiote) 8 Hero sheets, 3 Prey cards, 20 Elements cards, 14 Formula cards, 28 Equipment cards, 72 Skill cards, 9 Secondary mission cards, 48 Prey action cards, 10 Wound cards, 4 d6 custom dice, 6 d8 custom dice.


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